Tree Reductions
Tree reduction is the reducing of the crown of a tree usually by a percentage or a visual mark pointed out by you the customer. We will recommend a limit to the reduction for the trees health.Sometimes referred to by our customers  in the past as tree topping, lopping or tree crowning although our reducing & shaping service is not just simply cutting off the top it includes the whole crown of the tree.

Tree Felling
From time to time a tree will need complete removal. This can be for a number of reasons such as disease or its interference with neighboring trees or buildings. We are able to remove trees in a safe and controlled manner even in restricted areas.

Stump Removal
In the event of a tree needing to be felled there is the scenario where an unsightly stump needs to be removed. We have a number of techniques for this procedure and can either remove the stump from the ground or treat it to prevent future growth.

Tree Pruning
There are a number of reasons for pruning a tree such as to stimulate fruit growth or even just to make it more aesthetically pleasing. Pruning can also be used to make a tree safe in the event of overhanging branches or dead wood. This is an important service that many people try to undertake on their own often damaging the integrity of the tree and leading to other issues.

Crown Lifting
This is a service we offer to remove lower branches of trees making the “crown” of the tree higher up. This can be used to clear a path under the tree for example on a driveway or a road without the need to remove the whole tree. This can also be used to allow more light through the tree.

Debris Clearance
If you have had work carried out in large areas there may be quite a lot of waste material generated. We have the ability to clear areas of debris including nettles and thorn bushes. If you have an area of land that is unusable due to vegetation we are able to clear it safely and fully.

Hedge Cutting
We have multiple tools available to trim and cut hedges. We also offer a clearance service removing debris created from cutting.

Tree Surgery
There are many reasons you may need to call upon a specialist tree surgeon ranging from overhanging branches to diseased and infected trees. We have in house skill sets to be able to cope adequately with all manner of tree surgery issues at a reasonable price. We are happy to offer advice where necessary and guide you towards the best solution.


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